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Welcome to YourChristianHome.com (launched July 13th, 2000). This site exists to equip church lay people with the resources they need for ministry purposes. Please enjoy your visit!

updated bios Posted by on 2005-05-23
some of the staff bios were updated recently. they were more than a few years old and were in need of a facelift.

Contacting YourChristianHome.com Posted by on 2004-10-31
Our current e-mail addresses are no longer usable due to spam bots. Our accounts have been receiving an abnormal amount of spam every day. We'll be changing them in the near future should you need to reach us.

Should you need to get in contact with us immediately, the best solution right now is to message us from our forums. You can either leave a private message or e-mail us directly from there.


Worship Library Update Posted by on 2004-10-31
We've added over 25 songs, including songs from Chris Tomlin's album "Arriving", Matt Redman's album "Facedown" and Tim Hughes's album "When Silence Falls" to the worship library today.

No Regular 'Maintenance' Posted by on 2004-07-24
YourChristianHome.com will not be under regular 'maintenance' until the end of August since the webmaster is away on a 6-week mission trip. If there are any inquiries about the site, they will be answered after August 25th. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Happy New Year! Posted by on 2004-01-03
The staff at YourChristianHome.com wanted to wish everyone a happy new years! May God bless and keep you for the upcoming year!

We've taken the liberty of adding several more articles to our site today. One that is an interesting read, is a 13 part series about praise choruses and hymns in corporate worship. Be sure to check it out!


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